Our Ethos

Skill development is at the core of our training approach. We prioritise the essential fundamentals of Defending 1v1, Attacking 1v1, Ball Protection, Passing & Sharing, Receive and Control. We firmly believe that if players can excel in their individual and collective 1v1 duels, they will achieve greater success. These core elements are integrated into every session we conduct, providing players with a solid foundation. Our structured and challenging environment offers valuable opportunities for players to refine these crucial skills.

While we cannot guarantee an academy trial, we are committed to offering exceptional training that will undoubtedly enhance your skills as a player. mindset, work diligently, and never give up. Our program is designed to assist you in developing your technical, tactical, and physical abilities, as well as fostering positive psychological attributes. We are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment.

Our Role In

Aston Villa
Football Club

"Aston Villa Football Club see the Gloucester Elite Performance Centre as a key foundation stone in their long term strategy of player development. Having worked with the centre for a number of years I have personal experience of the quality of the programme on offer. It has had great success in recruiting and developing  professional football players. Our football club is committed to developing our own home grown first team players who can follow in the footsteps of Jack Grealish and Jacob Ramsey and we believe that the Gloucester Elite Performance Centre can play a pivotal role in achieving this."

Mark Harrison
Aston Villa Academy Manager