Our Centre Philosophy

At Gloucester Elite our philosophy is to view each and every training session as an opportunity for players to feel inspired to be the best they can be.

Our ambition is for each individual player to reach their full potential by attending our training sessions. The sessions are designed to maximise our young people’s footballing ability, as well as delivering motivational and enjoyable experiences. We want to enable young people to grow to be outstanding footballers while still ensuring they understand their value goes beyond that.


Our Method for
Player Development

As a centre we are well resourced to support players both on and off the pitch.

We recognise potential and look to align it to success criteria for our talent identification pathway.

Throughout the player journey aspects of the four corners will change. We recognise these changes early and work with players to keep them on the pathway.

Our approach is to allow players the freedom to identify what they did well and were pleased with – consider what they may have done differently – and any parts they will work hard not to repeat. Encouraging this level of thinking and self-evaluation for our players is ultimately what will enable them to make good, confident decisions during future games.


Training Syllabus

Our highly qualified, Elite coaching team design session plans to motivate players and promote positive and creative thinking. Encouraging players to develop confidence with their teammates.

We aim to enable players to develop the following skills:

Training Syllabus


Here is just a brief insight into a few things covered by our training syllabus.


  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Concentration
  • Control


  • Set formations for all age groups that allow them for scaffolding learning

In Possession

  • Passing
  • RWTB
  • Dribbling


  • Attack to Defence
  • Defence to Attack

Out of Possession

  • Defending 1v1
  • Pressing

Position Specific

  • Position Specific program for our Youth Development Phase

Our Role In

Aston Villa
Football Club

"Aston Villa Football Club see the Gloucester Elite Performance Centre as a key foundation stone in their long term strategy of player development. Having worked with the centre for a number of years I have personal experience of the quality of the programme on offer. It has had great success in recruiting and developing  professional football players. Our football club is committed to developing our own home grown first team players who can follow in the footsteps of Jack Grealish and Jacob Ramsey and we believe that the Gloucester Elite Performance Centre can play a pivotal role in achieving this."

Mark Harrison
Aston Villa Academy Manager